The founders of MW Home are a quietly creative bunch…a family team with a shared love of home.

We all come from creative roots, from painters and stitchers to Grandad with his macramé and Uncle John the Potter; hours spent in the pottery with him and living with his beautiful creations definitely inspired our range of stoneware. Style shouldn't cost the Earth and it’s our opinion that we as a business have a responsibility to make sure our products are made ethically and as sustainably as possible and we strive to improve upon our practices to lessen our negative impact upon the planet.

MW Home core values


Designed by our close knit family team


Lovingly and ethically made by artisans


Creating everyday pieces to be treasured for life

Its our belief...

That designing and decorating isn't just about filling a house with products to make it look nice, it's a story of those who call it home and a feeling you get from how everything comes together.

A home is created through the memories shared there and the beautiful things collected together on your journey through life. It's not just there to look good, it's lived in and that's what we keep in mind when we put our collections together for you.