our journey to date

Hi, I’m Abbi; founder of The Interiors Yard. I’m a mum, and lover of all things interiors, foraged finds, festivals and rose wine.

I created The Interiors Yard in 2020 in response to the world changing. The pandemic meant my work life suddenly had to go in a very different direction and combined with just having a baby, I took a chance with my passion, created The Interiors Yard, and here we are today.

I've always had a real connection with timeless interior pieces which stay in your home for years to come particularly pieces that can be restyled with the changing of seasons.

Here’s a little bit more about our core company values:


Reuse & Restyle

Is a phrase you’ll hear us using a lot around here. It’s a philosophy that drives everything we do. Our products are designed to be used time and time again, in different ways, as the seasons shift.


Timeless & Classic

In their rustic-luxe style, our considered products and collections won’t date or go out or fashion. They’re designed to be part of your home for years to come. We love weathered pieces because they have their own story.



With a strong emphasis on buying pieces for your home that you will use for years to come, to using sustainable materials that are reused or recycled.



We love a product that has a variety of different uses. Take our Rustic Reclaimed Plank Bath Board. This has been designed so it can be used as a bath board, serving board and this also looks great as a table centrepiece. Versatility is what makes our brand different and it encourages you to restyle each item around your home ensuring you never get bored of our pieces. 



Carefully curated items which are unique to our core values; creating a seasonal living through timeless interiors.

This Season Dream of family barbecues, gentle weekends of gardening and Think of The Interiors Yard