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Need a little helping hand with your interiors?

Our Gathered friends are here to give advice and inspiration. From full interior design help, to e-design services to colour experts...

Alice Grace

At the very heart of Alice Grace Interiors is the belief in the true value of our homes as places that deserve to be invested in.  With thoughtful consideration, rooms can be transformed into warm, comforting and relaxing spaces that not only offer functionality but also a beauty that we feel does much to support our emotional wellbeing.  We find joy in layering fabrics, patterns and textures which has not only become synonymous with our style, but can – we believe – be achieved simply.  From papering the inside of a closet to choosing the perfect shade of white, we look to inspire the confidence to enhance with passion and integrity.

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Vivienne Cutler Interior Design

Vivienne Cutler Interior Design is for design conscious customers who want to create beautiful timeless interiors that suit their modern-day lifestyle. Its services include providing interior design work for private residential homeowners from full service to remote e-design.  It mixes country style elegance with modern farmhouse style to create charming, warm and inviting interiors suitable for almost any home. Working closely with its clients to understand their specific needs to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that reflect their personal style and taste.

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Toby's Home

"I design homes of all shapes and sizes, but have an unmatched affection to smaller, quirkier properties – the result of renovating and living in my own little cottage. Designing clever storage solutions, earthy colour palettes inspired by nature, and textural, liveable schemes make-up my DNA as an interior designer."

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AV Touch

The AV Touch is a Hampshire-based e-design service, established in 2023 as a product of the AV Home Instagram account. With the goal of designing liveable spaces that exude warmth, & marrying visual appeal with form & functionality, The AV Touch was born.

From furniture to decor, dream homes can be created now & we aim to show people that they, too, can create beauty through careful design choices that stand the test of time.

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Emma Diaz

"Our Colour Consultancy service offers a considered approach to colour, through Emma's signature playful style full of charm, to our decision to work with environmentally friendly paint brands. We are able to confidently make the most considered colour choices for your property but also for you as an individual, and always work with any existing fabrics or features whilst taking into consideration the natural light in your home. Emma personally specialises in colour for period properties, but enjoys the challenge of working across any age or style of home to make it unique for you."

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